Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The 450 years of history of the bajopontino district (literal translation: under the bridge), the Creole festivities of the past, the panoramic viewpoint of the Alameda de Chabuca Granda, the generosity of the Perricholi (famous 18th century theater actress from Lima), are alive in the memories of the inhabitants of Rímac, who couldn’t be prouder that the Rímac District has been recognized as a World Heritage City.

In that sense, the Mayor of the Rímac District, Enrique Peramás, accompanied by several political, religious and military authorities, as well as the students of emblematic schools of Rímac, raised the official OWHC flag, which starting from now will flutter on the top of the San Cristóbal Hill.

During this ceremony, the Constitutional Charter of the OWHC and the accreditation certificate of the District as a member in good standing for the year 2015, have been read.