Wednesday, October 7, 2009
The subject matter of the Project is renovation, modernisation and adaptation to cultural purposes, mainly for exposition purposes, of five fortification complexes of the Old Town in Zamość, including the surrounding areas. The scope of the Project has been divided into 2 stages:

Stage 1, including the following tasks:

  • renovation of the fortification complex of Bastion No. 7(the Bastion with casemates, a shooting gallery, a two-storey building of the Rampart, the Old Lwowska Gate with the remnants of the space under the embankment, curtain walls No. 6 - 7 between Bastion No. 7 and the postern), arranging the museum exposition and installing a security system;
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  • renovation of the New Lubelska Gate with the curtain wall, reconstructing fragments of the fortification walls, development of the surrounding area;
  • modernising the Casemates within Bastion No. 1 and development of the surrounding area.
Stage 2, including the following tasks:
  • renovation of the Old Lubelska Gate with the curtain wall, postern and the Kojec;
  • renovation of the Szczebrzeska Gate and the curtain wall, the shooting gallery and the Guardhouse.

The structures will be protected by security monitoring systems. The systems will be installed outside a building belonging to Bastion No. 7, and will consist of visual points, situated outside the fortification buildings, with cameras directed towards the buildings in order to protect them against acts of vandalism, theft and fire. More info: