Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) opens today the period for the submission of candidacies for the Symposium sessions of the 15th World Congress of the OWHC and the 2019 edition of the Jean-Paul-L’Allier Prize for Heritage.

Symposium of the 15th World Congress of the OWHC

The aim of this call is to identify relevant projects implemented in the member cities of the OWHC in order to present them at the 15th World Congress Symposium. The selected projects will be integrated into the various sessions dedicated to the theme "Heritage and Tourism: Local Communities and Visitors – Sharing Responsibilities", to allow exchanges among the participants of the Congress. The deadline for submitting a project is January 10, 2019.

The Jean-Paul-L’Allier Prize for Heritage 2019

This prize is awarded every second year to a city that is a member of the OWHC, and that has distinguished itself by its achievement toward the conservation, enhancement or management of property on the World Heritage List.

The Jean-Paul-L’Allier Prize was created in honour of the Founding President of the OWHC, an international organization whose seat is in Québec, Canada. Mayor of Québec from 1989 to 2005, Mr. Jean-Paul L’Allier demonstrated through his initiative that he cared for the cultural and heritage development of his city. A strong leader, he helped bring together all the world heritage cities with the creation of the OWHC.

The cities that wish to submit their candidacy have until November 30, 2018 to do so. The name of the winning city will be officially revealed on June 2, 2019, at the opening ceremony of the 15th World Congress of the OWHC, in Krakow, Poland.


For any questions regarding the Symposium sessions of the World Congress or the Jean-Paul-L'Allier Prize for Heritage, please contact Mr. Félix Rousseau: