The OWHC's General By-Laws determine the functions of the General Secretariat.

At the General Assembly held in Fez, Morocco, on September 8, 1993, it was decided that the headquarters of the OWHC would be established in Québec City, Canada, a World Heritage City and the capital of the Province of Québec.



In accordance with the OWHC's General By-Laws, the General Secretariat is directed by a Secretary General, appointed by the General Assembly of the members. Here is the history of the Secretaries General:

Secretary General 
Marcel Junius 1993-1998
Denis Ricard 1998-1999 / 2001-2007 / 2009 to present
Siri Myrvoll (Interim) 2000-2001
Lee Minaidis (Interim) 2007-2008


The actual composition of the General Secretariat is as follows:


The Secretary General

Denis Ricard
Secretary General 

Denis Ricard – Secretary General of the Organization of World Heritage Cities

Denis Ricard, Secretary General of the Organization of World Heritage Cities, holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, an honours degree in political sciences and a master’s degree in international relations.


Politics, international relations and heritage – A diversified career

In addition to the general secretariat of the OWHC, Mr. Ricard has been in the field of politics and international relations, in the private and public sectors as well as in international organizations, also holding many executive positions in the Canadian and Quebec public services.

More specifically, Denis Ricard was:

  • Deputy Secretary General of The experiment in international living of Canada
  • Executive Director of The overseas book center
  • Deputy to the Director General of Canada World Youth
  • Executive Director of the Association des intervenants en toxicomanie
  • Chief of Staff of the Minister of the Environment of Canada
  • Chief of Staff of the Minister of Employment and Immigration of Canada
  • Deputy Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of Quebec
  • Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of International Relations of the Government of Quebec
  • Senior Advisor for the United Nations Biodiversity Programs (UNEP)
  • Director General of the Summit of the Americas and the Summit of the Francophonie
  • Senior Advisor to the Governments of Senegal, Mauritius, Benin and Vietnam for the organization of Summits of Heads of State

"Répertoire en Toxicomanie" , work under the supervision of Denis Ricard

"Le Québec dans la Francophonie" , work under the supervision of Denis Ricard

"Les Institutions de la Francophonie", article by Denis Ricard published in Francophonie et Acte Unique Européen


The staff of the General Secretariat

Lee Minaidis
Deputy Secretary General

Rachel Larouche
Office Manager


Andréanne Charest
Programs Administrator

Félix Rousseau
Programs Administrator


The coordinators of the Regional Secretariats

Matthias Ripp
Regional Coordinator for
Northwest Europe and North America
Regensburg, Germany


Ákos Capdebo
Regional Coordinator for
Eastern and Central Europe
Budapest, Hungary



Rafael Perez de la Concha Camacho
Regional Coordinator for
Southern Europe and the Mediterranean 
Cordoba, Spain 


Shirley Mozo Mercado
Regional Coordinator for
South America
Rimac, Peru


Rassikh Sagitov
Regional Coordinator for
Kazan, Russian Federation 

Jahyun Jang
Regional Coordinator for
Gyeongju, Republic of Korea



Zoubeïr Mouhli
Regional Coordinator for
Africa and the Middle East
Tunis, Tunisia


Juan Carlos Mata García
Regional Coordinator for
Central America, Caribbean and Mexico
Morelia, Mexico


Seat of the OWHC






General Secretariat of the OWHC
5, rue Cul-de-Sac
Quebec City (Quebec)
G1K 4H6

Phone : (418) 692 0000