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    Historic Centre of Avignon

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In the 14th century, this city in the South of France was the seat of the papacy. The Palais des Papes, an austere-looking fortress lavishly decorated by Simone Martini and Matteo Giovanetti, dominates the city, the surrounding ramparts and the remains of a 12th-century bridge over the Rhone. Beneath this outstanding example of Gothic architecture, the Petit Palais and the Romanesque Cathedral of Notre-Dame-des-Doms complete an exceptional group of monuments that testify to the leading role played by Avignon in 14th-century Christian Europe.

    Mme Cécile Helle
    Mairie d'Avignon
    Hôtel de Ville d'Avignon
    84045 Avignon, France
    Cedex 9
    04 90 80 83 72