L'viv, Ukraine

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L'viv - the Ensemble of the Historic Centre

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Urban morphology

L’viv – the Ensemble of the Historic Centre, Ukraine. The city of L’viv, founded in the later Middle Ages, flourished as an administrative, religious, and commercial centre for several centuries. It has preserved virtually intact its medieval urban topography, and in particular evidence of the separate ethnic communities who lived there, along with many fine Baroque and later buildings.

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C (ii) (v)

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Mr. Andriy Sadovyy

Lviv City Council

Rynok Square 1
Lviv, Ukraine

+38 0322 97 59 00

Ms. Tetyana Khabibrakhmanova

Head of the Information Policy and External Relations Office
Lviv City Council

Rynok Square 1
Lviv, Ukraine

+38 032 297 57 90/91

Ms. Liliya Onyshchenko-Shvets

Office Head
Office of Historical Environment Preservation

Valova Street 20
Lviv, Ukraine

+38 0322 97 55 66