One logo, one heritage

The OWHC logo is both sober and relevant to its mission. It is composed of three icons forming a coherent whole, aimed at illustrating, in particular, the international character of the Organization, as well as its fundamental mission, i.e. to cooperate in the effort to develop World Heritage Cities.

Worldwide – Protection – Unity – Solidarity – Round table

Heritage – Architecture – Dwelling – City – Stone – Brick

Cooperation – Exchange – Dialogue – Human profiles


Since both the meaning and the impact of symbolic language is open to various interpretations according to one’s culture and the historical period, it is obviously risky to categorically state the significance of a logo. However, the three icons tend to suggest a universal meaning.

A sphere referring to the globe

The ellipsoidal sphere clearly refers to the globe, a reminder of the international dimension of the OWHC; it may also evoke the concepts of unity and solidarity, as well as the notion of protection, which is an essential facet of the World Heritage Convention. It also suggests a round table where all people are equal.

Towards a heritage under construction

The vertical icon, composed of three rectangles forming a keystone, illustrates movement and progress and underscores the importance the OWHC attaches to historic buildings, architecture and housing. The vertical form may also suggest stone and brick, as well as a column, elements often found in architectural history. It may also depict the stylized expression of an urban landscape, thereby evoking the clear links between the built heritage and cities and the super-imposition of built structures in time and space.

Exchange and heritage

As for the two identical forms emerging from each side of the vertical icon, these suggest cooperation and an exchange of views between two individuals, whose profiles are apparent.

WorldwideProtectionUnitySolidarityRound table
CooperationExchangeDialogueHuman profiles

The official logo of the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) may be reproduced under authorization. Authorization requests must be sent to the OWHC General Secretariat, by e-mail at [email protected]. We thank you for your cooperation.