21 November 2023

Preparatory meeting for the Roadmap in Puebla (Mexico) – 16-17 November 2023

Puebla, Mexico

The General Secretariat, accompanied by experts from the Advisory Group (Bernard Bouzou and Luc Gagnon), worked with high representatives, elected officials as well as the Heads and technical experts of 11 administration departments in the vibrant city of Puebla.

Discissions contributed to measure the impressive action in progress and Puebla’s ambitious urban prospects related to the Quebec Roadmap’s thematic on the development of active mobility as a means for rejuvenating the historic city and strengthen its liveability.

Puebla shall propose within the following days its action plan in order to invite OWHC member cities to join their Collaborative Network. The Secretary General met with the Mayor of Puebla, Mr Eduardo Rivera Pérez, underlying the impressive integrated approach implemented in Puebla and the city’s strong and loyal support to OWHC since 1995.