13 October 2023

Evaluation mission to Dubrovnik : Moving forward with the Roadmap

The Secretary General recently visited Dubrovnik with his Advisory Board on a crucial assessment mission to support the development of Dubrovnik’s thematic. The team was warmly welcomed to the City Hall by the Mayor, Mr Mato Frankovic, and Ms Ivana Brnin, Head of the Mayor’s Office.


The thematic is being developed in close collaboration with Dubrovnik’s Institute for Restoration, headed by Ms. Mihaela Skuriฤ‡. Their project is full of promise, and we look forward to seeing their Collaborative Network come to fruition, thanks to the publication of their Action Plan very soon.


To find out more about the collaborations in the next months within the Roadmap, visit feuillederouteovpm.com.


You’ll be able to see which projects are moving forward