11 September 2023

Message of solidarity to the city of Marrakech in face of the earthquake impact

Marrakesh, Morocco

The OWHC extends its solidarity to the city of Marrakech and its citizens after a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.8 has struck central Morocco on the evening of Friday 8 of September. Our sympathy goes to all those affected by this natural disaster.

Sources indicate that the impact caused severe damage to the historic city including Marrakech’s Medina and city walls. Over 2000 lives were lost and thousands were injured.

The city of Marrakech has been a member of the OWHC since 1999, and is currently actively involved in the Quebec Roadmap, with a proposed thematic reflection on the enhancement of heritage resources as a means for regenerating the city. It is in that perspective that the OWHC and its members, stand together with the city of Marrakech and the Moroccan citizens to overcome this catastrophic event.

It is also in this perspective that the OWHC continues to actively work on the development of an Emergency Assistance Program to better prepare member cities for various threats and support them in the aftermath of such situations.

We send our heartfelt condolences for the lives lost and best wishes for the recovery of those injured.