6 May 2021

Successful online workshop on Risk Management

On May 4 and 5 2021, the Regional Secretariat for Northwest Europe and North America together with HERITAGE PRO, a EU project for developing training programs in heritage management, offered a joint workshop on Risk Management. 15 participants from 10 OWHC member cities as well as partners from the Heritage Pro network were discussing the future challenges from Climate Change to COVID 19 and its effects on our work in heritage management.

Valuable input was given on both days: expert Johanna Leissner from Fraunhofer Institute in Brussels was talking about Climate change as a major challenge for our cultural heritage and the requirements for interdisciplinary cooperation. On the second day of the workshop, Jermina Stanojev, member of the European Commission Expert Group on Cultural Heritage and Postdoc researcher at Uppsala University, called for action in her talk about Risk Management and the question of our preparedness for multiple threats.

Interactive work in small groups in zoom and creative summaries and output of the discussions on a miro whiteboard were highly appreciated by all participants. The Regional Secretariat in Regensburg says Thank You to HERITAGE PRO moderators Karin Drda-Kühn and Juan Manuel Hegedüs-Gravina for the facilitation of this workshop and all the possibility for our OWHC members to benefit from this free workshop session with new input!