8 September 2020

Bamberg greets the global World Heritage family

Bamberg, Germany

Digital contribution to the International Day of Solidarity of World Heritage Cities on September 8

The Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities, which takes place annually on September 8th, celebrates the founding of the Organisation of World Heritage Cities (OWHC). In addition to implementing the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, the objectives of the network of cities are to promote cooperation between World Heritage Cities, in particular the exchange of information and expertise in the field of monument conservation and cultural heritage management. Currently, around 300 cities from five continents are members of the OWHC.

Bamberg is making a digital contribution to the Solidarity Day this year. For this purpose, the Center World Heritage Bamberg filmed greetings to World Heritage Sites, which will celebrate a round anniversary in 2020. The good wishes in French, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili and other languages were presented by members of the Migrants and Integration Advisory Board of the City of Bamberg. The jubilees include the old town of Verona (Italy), the rock city of Petra (Jordan) and the historical centers of Berat and Gjirokastra (Albania). The videos can be seen on the social media channels of the Center World Heritage Bamberg from September 8th on:



“Bamberg is part of the international World Heritage family. As an active member of the OWHC, we are sending a sign of our solidarity with these greetings – even across closed borders,” said Patricia Alberth, Director of the Bamberg World Heritage Center.


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Photo: Portuguese greeting message for Sintra by Maria Ritter from the Migrants and Integration Advisory Board of the City of Bamberg © Bamberg World Heritage Center