25 November 2019

OWHC-Exclusive exhibition at the first International Canal City Cultural Tourism Exhibition in China

Recently, the first International Canal City Cultural Tourism Exhibition was held at the National Convention Center in Jiangsu, China. A total of 240 exhibitors from 31 countries, including 33 cities from China participated in this event. This Exhibition aims to strengthen the interaction and exchanges among canal cities from all over the world. Also, it actively promotes the conservation and utilization of canal heritage and the concerning international cooperation centering on it.

In order to promote OWHC in China, Dr. Huang Yong and the whole team of OWHC-China actively participated in this event and established an OWHC-exclusive exhibition to introduce and promote the culture and spirit of OWHC to all exhibitors and visitors, especially to the Chinese cities. Through all these efforts, OWHC-China hopes to take this opportunity to work closely with the canal cities at home and abroad, so as to combine the conservation of canal heritage with the ideas and spirit of OWHC, attracting more canal cities to become OWHC member cities and enhancing the greater popularity and reputation of OWHC in China.