25 June 2019

Presentation of the new Secretary General of the OWHC

Further to the announcement by Denis Ricard of his intention to retire, the last OWHC General Assembly appointed a new Secretary General. Five highly qualified finalist candidates were interviewed and Mr. Robert J. Quarles van Ufford was chosen. The new Secretary General will assume his position in January 2020 and there will follow a 3-month transition period between Mr. Ricard and the new Secretary General.

Robert J. Quarles van Ufford has vast experience in the field of cultural heritage, notably as Director of the National Monuments Organisation of The Netherlands, President of ICOMOS Netherlands and Secretary General of the National Committee for UNESCO in the Netherlands. In the past, Mr. Quarles van Ufford has also worked as a diplomat of the Dutch Foreign Service in Royal Netherlands Embassies around the world. His expertise in both World Heritage and international relations will allow him to successfully pursue the development and growth of the OWHC worldwide.

Congratulations to Mr. Quarles van Ufford!