11 April 2017

Photo Competition 2017 YoungHeritage

The Regional Secretariat for Northwest-Europe and North America of the OWHC (Organization of World Heritage Cities) invites its member cities to participate in the 2017 photo competition under the title “Young Heritage”. Launched April 10th, the competition will be open until June 10th 2017 for the manifold photos from residents as well as guests of our World Heritage Cities. The motto invites to show that supposedly historical monuments, old buildings, protected heritage sites – our World Heritage Cities – contain a lot of young life, that old and young goes together well!

Registration and upload of the photos are to be found under www.ovpm.org/en/YoungHeritage . Per participant a maximum of 3 pictures is allowed, professional photographers are excluded from the competition. You can download the complete Terms & Conditions here, as well as a poster and flyer to be filled with your local teaser texts and logos.

On the first level, the participating cities of our region choose their local winning photo and award it (for this level, the support through the Regional Secretariat is guaranteed again). After June 30, the Regional Secretariat will invite an international jury of the OWHC to select the overall winner of all participating cities and award it with a prize money of EURO 700.


The Regional Secretariat of OWHC hopes for many participating cities and invites everybody to go out, take that picture, and share World Heritage views!

Questions? Please contact [email protected]