23 January 2012

International Video Production Competition “My City, Our World Heritage” – Interview with the Mayor of Segovia

Segovia, Spain


Segovia: Winner of the International Video Production Competition “My City, Our World Heritage” in the 18 to 21 year category
Interview with the Mayor of Segovia, Don Pedro Arahuetes García

1.    Can you give us the reasons why you registered the city of Segovia in this international video production competition?

When the news of the International Video Production Competition “My City, Our World Heritage” came to us, in Segovia, we did not hesitate for a second: from the beginning, we knew that we wanted to participate in it, for several reasons.

Segovia is a World Heritage City. In December 1985, the UNESCO included the “Old City of Segovia and its Roman Aqueduct” on its World Heritage list. The beauty of its enclave and its surrounding areas, the buildings, the forests and the streets, to which is added the human element which, over the centuries, created the city, constitute its very essence.  

In addition, Segovia has been part of the group of the World Heritage Cities of Spain since 1993, the year in which this association was created, whose joint role consists in defending and promoting the historic and cultural heritage; they united their efforts to promote the cities of the group, alongside the work which, individually, is done by each of the cities that make up this network.

Another important reason was the public to which this competition was addressed.  For many years, Segovia has endeavoured to stimulate its young people; therefore, this was a great opportunity to involve them to promote the heritage of Segovia, and we could not pass it up.

2.    Can you briefly describe how you went about to organize the local portion of this competition within the city of Segovia?  

Once the registration procedures with the General Secretariat of the OWHC were completed, we took the steps to carry out the local portion of this competition.    

The bases were drafted: we specified the steps that had to be taken by the participants, and this was published in all our medias in order to publicize the competition with young people. We called a press conference, and press releases as well as the bases were published in the local newspapers and the City’s Web pages: www.segovia.es, www.turismodesegovia.com and www.segoviajoven.es, as well as in all our social networks (Facebook, Twitter et Twenty).

We also launched a communications campaign in all the colleges and high schools of the city of Segovia.  

The winning video was chosen by a jury and communicated to the medias through a press conference and published in the Web pages and the social networks mentioned above.   

3.    What is your general appreciation of the video of the young international prizewinner, Don Raúl Antolínez Postigo, entitled Viaja a Segovia, who won the “Our City, Our World Heritage” competition in the 18 to 21 year category?  

It consists of a video that contains in a clear and dynamic manner the soul of the city of Segovia and its people. It covers each corner of the city with originality and mentions all of our most important attractions, both for the visitors and the citizens of Segovia.