17 September 2010

Retirement of Dr. Katalin Kiss, Coordinator of the Regional Secretariat of Central and Eastern Europe since 1996

The 8th Regional Conference of the member Cities of Central and Eastern Europe was held in Krakow (Poland), from 13 to 16 September at the invitation of the Mayor of Krakow, Mr. Jacek Majchrowski, and under the coordination of Dr. Katalin Kiss, the Regional Coordinator. The 35 conference participants discussed the topic of New Functions of Historical Spaces and Buildings.  The discussions from the meetings have greatly contributed to the continuation of the development of cooperation between the member cities. The 8th Conference of the Regional Secretariat of Central and Eastern Europe was therefore once again a great success thanks to the participants and the organizing committee of the city of Krakow.

In addition, the 8th Conference of the Central and Eastern European Regional Secretariat was marked by the retirement of Dr. Katalin Kiss. As Regional Coordinator within the OWHC since 1996, Dr. Kiss has left an impressive legacy to the members of the Organization and a tangible imprint on the world of heritage. Through her unifying and attentive character, Katalin Kiss was able to activate and bring together the member cities as well as to advance good relations and cooperation among the municipal autorities. In sum, Dr. Kiss has contributed greatly to establishing the OWHC and to making it what it is today. Thank you, Katalin!