7 July 2006

6th Regional Conference of the OWHC for Southern Europe and Meditterranean

Cordoba, Spain

Dear Friend,

As Mayor of Córdoba, city hosting the Regional Secretariat of the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, it is a pleasure for me to invite you to our 6th Regional Conference, which will be held in the city of Córdoba (Spain) on 16th and 17th October 2006.. Please find enclosed the Agenda for this meeting.

This new meeting, which takes place after the World Symposium of Cuzco held in September last year, is essential for us since we have to reach agreements that will be decisive for the development and running of our Network of Cities and that will help us to coordinate our attendance to the 9th World Conference of Kazan (Russian Federation) in June 2007, where a new OWHC Board of Directors will be appointed and the next city to host the 10th World Conference in 2009 will be decided. The coincidence with the celebration of the next Local Elections in Spain during the same period is the reason for delaying the date of this World Meeting. Even so, the short time frame that we will have for organizing the travel to Kazan once our new Local Governments will be formed makes even more important the coordination of this travel, which will be dealt during the meeting of Córdoba.

Moreover, on the occasion of this Regional Conference and according to the agreement reached during the last Regional Conference in Cuzco, a Workshop on Tourism will also be organized with the following title“Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Cities”, This workshop has been promoted by Rhodes, city which coordinates this Working Committee and the World Tourism Organization. This wonderful event will offer tourism technicians from our cities and us, as politicians, a great opportunity to exchange experiences within this important economic sector and to talk about its balance and sustainability in cities with our specific features.

Therefore, the moment has come when we will meet again to strengthen the friendship and cooperation ties among our cities even more, and to be able to directly discuss the main problems faced by our municipalities.

As it has been the normal procedure during last meetings, Córdoba City Council will bear the costs of the stay of two representatives from each city attending to this Regional Conference from Sunday 15th October at night until Tuesday 17th October at noon, and each city would bear the cost of the stay to attend the Workshop on Tourism from Tuesday 17th October at noon until Wednesday 18th October in the evening.

The General Secretariat in Quebec has informed us that there are some member cities belonging to this Regional Secretariat that have not still paid the annual membership fees and therefore, their city status is not in order. If your city is in this situation, please confirm it and proceed to remedy this situation, as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Rosa Aguilar Rivero

Mayor of Cordoba
Headquarters of the Regional Secretariat of the OWHC
for southern Europe and the Mediterranean

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