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11 September 2019


Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Southern Europe and Mediterranean

29 August 2019

First project to beneficiate from the OWHC Grants Program

Philadelphia, United States

25 July 2019

25 Years World Heritage Luxembourg

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Northwest Europe and North America

Regional Secretariats

The General Secretariat of the OWHC relies on the support of a network of 8 Regional Secretariats throughout the world. Based in different member cities of the OWHC the primary mission of the Regional Secretariats is to serve as a link between the member cities of their particular region and the General Secretariat. Their main goals are:

Grouping together cities that share cultural, linguistic or geographic affinities;

Assisting the General Secretariat in producing documents intended for members, data collection and the organization of relevant events;

Representing, when necessary, the General Secretariat at events in which the latter is invited to participate;

Organizing in their regions activities intended to promote the Organization’s values and objectives.

Honor Table

South America

Cities non-members of a Regional Secretariat

Arequipa  /  Bergen  /  Bern  /  Boeun  /  Bridgetown  /  Camaguey  /  Colonia del Sacramento  /  Cuenca  /  Cuzco  /  Dakar  /  Guanajuato  /  Gwangju  /  Havana  /  Hue  /  Istanbul  /  Kathmandu  /  Kolding  /  Konya  /  Melaka  /  Mombasa  /  Moscow  /  Muharraq  /  Olinda  /  Quito  /  Saint Petersburg  /  St George  /  Suzhou  /  Tel-Aviv-Yafo  /  Trinidad  /  Tunis  /  Valparaíso  /  Vatican City  /  Vigan  /  Willemstad  /  Yerevan**  /  Zanzibar

** Observer member