International Video Production Competition

International Video Production Competition – 2019 Edition “If you had one day in a World Heritage City…”

2019 finalists


The OWHC is proud to renew for this 5th Edition the International Video Production Competition. This competition is intended for young people of two age groups: 14 and 17 years old and 18 and 21 years old. At the invitation of the cities that are part of the OWHC network and that have registered, the young people will be called upon to produce a video of a maximum duration of five minutes on a World Heritage City, and that will have to be published on the OWHC YouTube channel.

The videos produced by the young people will undergo a selection in their respective cities. Each city will choose a winning video for each of the participating age groups. The winning videos on the local level will then be submitted to an international jury that will determine one winner per age group. Both international winners will be awarded attractive prizes!


  • To make the young people acquire a better knowledge and awareness of world heritage
  • To convey to the young people a stronger sense of belonging and pride concerning world heritage
  • To allow young people to express themselves, through their personal vision, on world heritage in general as well as on that of their city
  • To ensure that they are involved in the OWHC conservation and enhancement approach regarding cities recognized as treasures of mankind


“If you had one day in a World Heritage City…”: what would you visit? What are the most important spots, according to your point of view, that deserve to be visited in one day? What are the most important elements that a one-day tourist should not miss to be imbued with the history of the city that you showcase?

You are a participant and you wish to push a little further your reflection on the themes of Heritage and Tourism?

The theme of the next OWHC World Congress, to be held in June 2019, is about “Heritage and Tourism”. For this 2019 edition of the Video Competition, the OWHC would like the young participants to share their own vision of this notion of Heritage and Tourism: What is the impact of tourism in a heritage city? Is heritage an important motor for the tourism industry? Is it positive or negative? Tell us what you think about it.


This international competition will take place in two stages.

The first stage: the local level

To take part in this international competition, the mayors of the cities that are part of the OWHC network, or their representatives, must complete the form put on line on the OWHC Web site. The eligibility requirements are simple and flexible. In fact, the OWHC requires that the participating cities invite, according to the formula that is suitable to them, young people aged between 14 and 17 years old and/or between 18 and 21 years of age to participate in the competition. The young people will produce a video of a maximum of 5 minutes. Each city will then select a video for each age group registered, that it will submit through the online form for the international level of this competition.

It is therefore up to each mayor to decide, within his or her city, how he or she will launch the invitation to the young people, how the latter will register for the local level of the competition and how the winning video(s) that will represent their city on the international level will be selected.

Posters of all sorts are available below for the participating cities for publicity purposes.

Local Managers: please refer to the Practical Guide for Local Managers before continuing your reading:

Practical Guide

The second step: the international level

At this level, the award-winning videos of each of the cities are grouped together, and are given an international dimension. This level is totally assumed by the OWHC, which undertakes to carry out the following steps:

  • The webcasting of the local award-winning videos on the OWHC Youtube channel.
  • The hosting a of webpage dedicated to this international competition on the OWHC website. This webpage will allow, in particular, participating cities to register, will ensure the webcasting of all the award-winning video productions on the local level and will offer great exposure for the participating cities.
  • The formation of a jury of three people who will select the videos that will win the international competition. The videos will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
    1. Quality of the production (20%)
    2. Processing of the content (40%)
    3. Originality and creativity (40%)
  • It is important to note that more importance will now be given by the jury members to the processing of the content as well as originality and creativity.
  • The awarding of the prizes to the winners of the international level, as well as to the cities that have distinguished themselves thanks to their young international prizewinner.



The participating city must be a member city in good standing of the OWHC for three (3) years or more. A new World Heritage city, recently inscribed on the World Heritage List and whose membership with the OWHC dates less than three years, is also eligible if his/her city has always paid its annual payment since its accession.


      • The contest is open to young people of two age groups: 14-17 years old and 18-21 years old. They must be of the required age when they deposit their videos as part of the program, and they have until the deadline to do so, i.e. 12 April 2019. The OWHC may request proof of identity from local award-winners.
      • Teams of young people are accepted.
      • The young people cannot register directly with the OWHC.  The cities register in this competition and invite the young people to take part in it.


      • The videos must not exceed a maximum time of 5 minutes
      • The videos must present visual elements of the city; do not overload them with text. However, sound effects and music (with lyrics or not), are allowed.
      • It is mandatory to integrate to the video some text AND/OR narration (without exaggeration), in one of the three working languages of the OWHC: French, English or Spanish. The videos submitted without text or narration will not be accepted. The young participants must tell us their vision!
      • Videos made with a camcorder, a camera, a computer, or a cellphone are eligible.
        • FOR THE LOCAL PART: the video can be submitted via Youtube with the account of the young producer, or can simply be sent to the municipality through its original format.
        • FOR THE INTERNATIONAL PART: the video must be converted in the formats accepted by YouTube, namely .wmv (Windows Movie Maker, Windows Media Player, etc.), .avi (Audio Video Interleave), .mov (iMovie), .mpg (Quick Time video format), because it will MANDATORILY be presented on the OWHC Youtube Channel.
      • It is mandatory that the video has a full title, which is not copied from the competition title or theme.


The OWHC will invite the mayors of the two young prizewinners to officially present the winning video in their municipality. The winners of both age groups will be officially announced during a ceremony which will be held during the OWHC World Congress in Krakow (Poland) from 2-5 June 2019, in addition to broadcasting the videos. The mayors or representatives of the winning cities will be invited to speak. Later on, the following international prized will be awarded to the winners:

      • $1 500 CA for the winner of the 14-17 years old category
      • $3 000 CA for the winner of the 18-21 years old category

The young prizewinners of the international level and the mayors of both winning cities will be awarded an honorary certificate by the OWHC.

In the event that a prize is won by a team, it will be the responsibility of the team to separate equally the amount awarded. A representative of the team will have to be designated by themselves. An honorary certificate will be awarded to each member of a duly formed team.

A certificate of participation will also be given to each of the finalists of the international level.


From 26 September 2018 to 11 January 2019

Registration of the World Heritage cities in the competition. To do so, the participating cities must complete and send the registration form available on the Web site of the OWHC.

From 11 January to 12 April 2019

Period given for the participating cities to submit to the OWHC the award-winning video(s) of the local level for one or two age groups. To do so, the participating cities must complete and send the award-winners’ form available on the Web site of the OWHC.

Mid-April 2019

Online webcast of the finalists’ videos of the local level on the OWHC Website.

May 2019

Deliberations of the OWHC jury to determine the two prizewinners of the international level.

During the 2019 World Congress of Krakow (2-5 June 2019)

Announcement of the prizewinners of the 14-17 and 18-21 age groups during a ceremony held at the XV World Congress of the OWHC.


For any question regarding the competition, please write to the Program Administrator, Andréanne Charest:


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