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Terms and conditions

Competition description:
It is to be a photo competition during which the entrants from the OWHC member cities are requested to submit a characteristic view of their city.
The topic “Colours of World Heritage” has to be shown in the submitted photo material. The target is to entice citizens as well as guests of the North-West European OWHC member cities to gain a new perspective of World Heritage sites.

Eligibility to enter:
The competition is open to individuals or groups with no age restriction.
Professional photographers are excluded from entering.
Minors may only submit entries with the consent of their legal guardian.

Event organizer:
OWHC Regional Secretariat Northwest Europe, Regensburg

Competition area:

Submission of the contributions:
After completion of registration using the online form, the pictures can be submitted exclusively via the web portal http://www.ovpm.org/en/Colours_of_World_Heritage in digital format. Entries submitted in any other way are not accepted and will not be returned.
The pictures should be submitted in high resolution (e.g. 2000 x 3000 pixels) in JPG format and have a file size of 2 to 5 megabytes. Each picture is to be provided with a title and the place of photographing.

Final date for entries:
Registration and uploading start on 8 September 2015 and end on 15 November 2015. The date of completion of picture transfer is the valid date. Pictures submitted late cannot be considered.

Procedure and processing:
An entrant takes part in the photo competition by registering using the online form on the internet portal http://www.ovpm.org/en/Colours_of_World_Heritage with first name, surname, postal address and email address as well as giving the name of the participating OWHC member city and submitting a picture with a catching title as a digital image file.
The entrants must have read and accepted the entry conditions.
Under the competition conditions the submitted pictures will be published.
There shall be no entitlement to publication.

Excluded from the competition are photo entries that have not been taken in the OWHC member cities of the entrants.
Likewise, excluded from the competition are motifs that are pornographic or display or glamorize violence or other motifs that violate applicable laws.

Each submitted picture will be examined before publishing and will only then be released for publication.
The photos submitted must not have been previously published nor must they have been awarded prizes in a competition.
Completely digitally created and digitally manipulated photos are not admissible.

Photos and rights of use:
By sending in the photo, the entrant confirms that he/she fully owns the rights to the photo submitted and he/she owns unrestricted utilization rights to all parts of the photo. The entrant guarantees furthermore that the pictures are free from third party rights and in the representation or depiction of persons no personal rights have been violated, in particular those within the meaning of Section 22 German Art Copyright Act (KUG).
If one or several persons are identifiably depicted on the photo, those concerned must agree to the pictures being published. The entrant shall affirm that he has the corresponding declarations of consent or, if necessary, he can also produce them in writing.
Should third parties assert claims based on violation of their rights, the entrant shall as from now indemnify the organizer of the photo competition from all claims in this regard.
Where in the picture description the existence of a model release and/or a property release and/or the release/permission of manufacturers of commercial products (e.g. cars, planes, packaging, designer clothing, etc.) is given in the data on the content, the entrant is responsible for ensuring that all required releases by the owner of the property rights are available. If required, a copy of them is to be made available to the organizer of the photo competition.
The entrant shall guarantee furthermore:

  • that the information describing the content that is provided to the organizer of the photo competition under this agreement does not infringe image provider rights, trademark rights, the right to privacy, publicity rights or other third party rights or libel or bring into disrepute third parties in any other way.
  • that the creator of the content is named.

The entrant shall grant the organizer of the photo competition the following rights free of charge:

  • the exclusive and irrevocable rights of use and exploitation, unlimited in time and space and with respect to content to the photo, in particular the right to publish it locally, nationally and internationally, irrespective of the media, i.e. including print and online,
  • the right to edit the photos submitted,
  • the right to use the photos for reporting and PR for the competition (irrespective of the form of exploitation, i.e. including print, online, if applicable exhibitions and invitations),
  • the right within the context of media cooperation even before the closing of the competition to publish them through third parties, irrespective of the media, i.e. including print and online.

The entrant shall agree to his name being given in connection with the presentation of the photos.

Data protection:
In order to enter the competition it is essential to provide personal data. The entrant’s contact data saved on registration include: first name, surname, email address and postal address as well as the name of the OWHC member city for which the picture entry is submitted.
By registering, the entrant expressly agrees that all data given may be collected, saved and processed by the organizer of the photo competition for the purpose and for the duration of the competition.
Data regarding first name and surname will be disclosed as part of the publishing of the competition entries submitted to the contract companies of the organizer. The entrant shall expressly agree to disclosure in this respect. Any disclosure of the entrant’s data going beyond this will not take place unless the entrant has given his express permission for this beforehand or there is a statutory obligation on the part of the organizer to disclose data.

Procedure and Award:

1. City Level

The member cities of the regional secretariat announce their participation in the contest and consequently advertise the competition on a local level. They will be granted with a support of 500 Euros for prize money. After the photos have been uploaded, the best picture of each participating city will be nominated by a jury within each OWHC member city by 30 November 2015 and awarded a prize. At this first competition level there is only one winner per city. The jury will be composed of representatives of the administration of the relevant OWHC member city.

After 30 November 2015 the prize winner will be announced on the internet and in the established media as well as at the subsequent award ceremony. The winner will be informed in writing by his OWHC city.

2. Regional Level

At the second competition level, the winning photos of all participating OWHC member cities in the region will be evaluated by a jury composed of representatives of the General Secretariat in Quebec/Canada, the Regional Secretariat Northwest Europe as well as two OWHC member cities. The overall winner of the photo competition will be determined by 11 December 2015 and announced publicly worldwide after that date.

The overall prize will be awarded EUR 700 by the Regional Secretariat.

From then on, the winning photo will be used internationally as part of the PR at the OWHC in all media, i.e. online, print, at conferences, congresses, etc.